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Details of Membership

Whilst it is not essential to be a member to audition, take part in or watch one of our shows, we would love you to join us. 

Why Become a Member?

  • A Society is only as good as its membership.
  • Our aim is to produce quality theatre without the need for any unnecessary dramas!
  • We have a very open policy and encourage our members to put forward their views and ideas for consideration by the committee.
  • We do not have a fixed place where we perform, but prefer to find new and interesting venues.
  • Our emphasis is on enjoyment, after all, this amateur theatre stuff is meant to be fun!
  • We welcome members of all ages, shapes, sizes, experience and ability and aim to give all our members a sense of belonging, sense of enjoyment and plenty of opportunity.

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Discounted Show Fees
  • 2 discounted tickets for every show
  • A free programme voucher for every production
  • A say in how your society is managed and a vote at meetings
  • Invitations to members’ events (eg discounted theatre trips & social events)
  • An Equus Polo Shirt
  • Knowing that your support directly helps to fund future shows
  • (there is a one-off joining fee of £15 to cover admin costs and your polo shirt and then an annual subscription (currently £25)  for membership. Show fees will be payable separately)

Should you wish to join us, please email us at [email protected] or complete your details 

on our contact page and we will send you a membership form.  

We look forward to working with you.

All about the Fun

"Theatre without the Drama" is our ethos, but what do we mean by that?  Well, putting on a show is hard work, there is much to plan, organise and sort, but we always have as the bottom line the thought that this is a hobby, it is what we do in our spare time (!!) and, therefore, it has to be fun.  We all work together and support each other throughout the process and all members of our casts and crews are given as much support as they want or need.  Obviously, work has to be done and lines, cues and moves have to be learned and rehearsed, but the moment that becomes stressful or uncomfortable for anyone we stop, chat, have a cup of tea (or something stronger) and remind ourselves of why we are doing this.  That is to, yes, present the best and most professional performances we can for our audiences (or there is no point!!) but to have fun and enjoy ourselves taking part in our hobby! 

Your support by buying a ticket, attending one of our social events, donating your time, sponsoring us or advertising in one of our programmes all help to ensure that we can continue to bring entertainment to a wider audience. 

Equal Opportunities

Equus Productions declares a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in the provision of services to its membership and audiences. It aims to provide fair and equal treatment in all practices to all persons regardless of race, colour, age, marital status, sex, gender identity and/or gender expression, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual/affectional orientation, disability, or veteran status. Should you have a disability and require assistance or specialist access please let us know and we will aim to assist.

As well as working on productions, we like to keep it fun and sociable.  Here are a couple of photos of our re-launch drinks event which we hosted in October - we didn't realise the Barn could hold so many people!

Despite the Snowy weather and treacherous driving conditions on the night, several of our members still managed to join us for our Christmas Meal in Wendover.  Santa even paid a visit  to us (in secret, of course!) and we were treated to a juggling act! 

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Equus Productions is an amateur theatre company producing plays and musicals throughout the year in a variety of venues in Herts and Bucks for both children and adults.