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Our Friends

We are hugely grateful to those people who have become Friends of Equus and have, therefore helped us to bring our productions to the stage.  Should you wish to join us, please contact us for details.

Dilly Bellingham                                               Mrs & Mrs Dunk

Our Sponsors

We have recently launched our Sponsorship Scheme, if you would like more details of this, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Giving Something Back

As we are non-profit making, we try to support local charities and causes as much as we can.  So far our productions have helped to raise funds for:

Lindengate Mental Health Charity

Let's Get Lynne Standing

The Pepper Foundation

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Equus Productions is an amateur theatre company producing plays and musicals throughout the year in a variety of venues in Herts and Bucks for both children and adults.